December Blog 2017

What’s New? Vintage Knife Fork Carving Set Carved Handles for $75.00 Now at ELH Showroom!

A carving knife and fork set serves a ceremonial and practical purpose. Slices and plates a large roast meat (turkey, ham, or cut of beef). Used also when bringing out the good China and setting an elegant carving set at the dining table signals that you are beginning a special meal.

Art is Fun

Japanese Stationary Lets You Send a Specimen From Your Travels

Did you go anywhere fun and inspiring this summer? Did you wish you could share the experience with someone? Well now you can with this one-of-a kind mailing card that comes with a specimen window. Read More…

Art in the News

A Performance Artist Chained Himself to a Block of Marble Symbolizing the Burden of History. Then He Got Stuck. Even a chisel couldn’t help Mikes Poppe free himself from the symbolic weight of history…

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