October Blog 2017

What’s New? Yemen’s curved dagger sheathed by time for $375 Now at ELH Showroom!


Called ‘Jambiya’. It has a curved, double-edged blade and a central ridge, elaborately crafted, very high quality silver.  May be the world’s most phallic fashion accessory for men, and a status symbol in Europe.

Art is Fun

Collectors are drawn to the items they collect for many reasons—usefulness, artistic value, historical or cultural significance, or nostalgia. They collect glassware, pottery, dolls, prints or figurines. But sometimes, collectors want the unusual, and they look for items that are whimsical, unique or odd.

A Victorian diorama of two real, taxidermy squirrels set at a table playing cards. It’s 15 by 18 inches sold for $4,012.00/credit to kovels.com

Art in the News

Performance Artist Tatsumi Orimoto and His Facial Baguette Flash Mobs

A group of 36 people with 3 to 6 baguettes wrapped around their face appeared suddenly at Onomichi Station in Hiroshima, Japan. They paraded down a street, through the city’s shopping district and even went on a ferry ride, all the while chanting “We are Bread Men. We are not human” in Japanese and English.

This was not the latest All Breads Matter protest. Rather, it was a performance art piece by 71-year old Japanese artist Tatsumi Orimoto called “Bread Man” and has been staged around the world over 200 times.

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