June Blog 2017

June Blog 2017

What’s New? Manussiha Statue for $1000!

The man-lion mythical creature best known in Myanmar is the manussiha. Its name is a blend of two Pali words. The first is manussa, meaning a human being and the second is siha, a lion. It can be found at each of the four corners of some stupas. A human head and torso on top of the forked haunches of a lion into which the corner of a block like the plinth of a stupa dovetails snugly. The human head of the modern manussiha can be seen wearing a crown finished with a motif of tier upon tier of upright lanceolate neem leaves tapering off to a pointed finial and ornamented earflaps. The face with regular features composed in a benign and somewhat wooden attitude. Thus, it may be called a sphinx.

After a fashion, as the classical Grecian sphinx should be considered female since it is depicted with a woman’s head and bust on a winged lion, while the manussiha is male. Moreover, the manussiha is said to have originated more than two thousand years ago according to traditional belief.

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Art is Fun

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