February Blog 2017

February Blog 2017

What’s New? Lucite & Seeded Purses!

Lucite began to be mass produced and especially popular in the 1940s and 50s, with some companies even recycling old WWII plane parts to create fun handbags, shoes, jewelry, etc. Although we don’t consider plastic to be a high-quality material these days, the lucite products were well made and functioned as little works of art to incorporate into every day life.  Early products were even handcrafted, before they developed machinery to create them. 

Lucite bags come in nearly any shade including green, pink, blue, turquoise, clear and red, with red being the rarest and most expensive collector item.  They may also have glitter, confetti, flowers, fabric, or other items put into the plastic as well.  There are as many varieties of lucite bags as one could ever want! A plus of a plastic bag is the huge number of shape options.  Lucite purses can come in trapezoidal, rectangular, round, beehive, and cylindrical shapes, along with many others.  They are often held together with brass fittings and decorations. (Read more)

Art is Fun

Art student Maho Takahashi has created an intriguing series of sculptures. Simply titled “Lines” the minimal, geometric sculptures utilize only 2 materials: paper and mechanical pencil lead. (Read more)

Art in the News

Madonna’s Post of Scottish Artist’s Trump Artwork Goes Viral (Read here)

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