October Blog 2016

October Blog 2016

New Feature: Bakelite

We use plastic every day in almost everything we touch! In 1907 a plastic named Bakelite was invented – and it was one of the first synthetic plastics created. Leo Baekeland was the creator of bakelite plastic and the name of it was derived from his own. What made the plastic such a desirable material to use was its electrical non-conductivity, leaving little risk of accidental electrocution through touch. The hard smooth surface and ability to be made in variety of colors allowed Bakelite to be used for a wide variety of items. From jewelry to telephone parts to ivory replicates, Bakelite was used for everything. It is now considered a highly collectible material! Items that were made with the plastic in its heyday (1920s – 1940s) have since oxidized. Unknown at the time, the plastic changes color due to oxidation and age. The novelty of this has added to the collectability of original vintage Bakelite items! Come check out some of the 1920’s Bakelite dominos we have in shop!

Art is Fun

Sara Cain paint large abstract pieces on floors as well as canvas!

Art in the News

Sebastian Brajkovic creates sculptural furniture that shakes up classic silhouettes (Read here)

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