November Blog 2016

November Blog 2016

Famous Charles M. Russell Sculpture Now in our Showroom for $1,000!

A cowboy was not only expected to be good riders and ropers but also proficient in many other duties regarding the raising of cattle. His assignments may have been as fence rider, bog rider, line rider, or wrangler. Originally, a “cowpuncher” was one actively engaged in the shipment of cattle. To urge beef up the loading chute into a railway car he used a “prod,” a pole about six feet long, with an iron spike at one end. Thus the designation “cowpuncher.” Eventually the term came to mean cowboys in general. (Read more)


This incredible piece by Charles M. Russell is called “Cowpuncher”. Through Russell’s work and interpretation of the conflict between Anglo-European pioneers and Native American people, he clearly embraces the Indians’ perspective, inviting the viewer to take their side. Come stop in and check out this beautiful sculpture!

Art is Fun

Cindy Chinn’s miniature elephant art carved from pencil lead (Read more)

Art in the News

Beauty and peace in the midst of chaos in Syria (Read here)



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