May Blog 2016

May Blog 2016

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Its summer time and that means sweet summer weddings. Send us your wedding photos on our facebook along with your email address and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to the store!


We currently have some great Tiffany style lamps in the shop! What makes Tiffany lamps so valuable, is the effort and meticulous skill that goes into making them. Its not by chance that each jewel-like piece of cut glass accents each other. Every piece is chosen for its color cohesion from multiple sheets of glass prior to cutting to ensure that the lamp takes on an organic flowing look within its color scheme.  The glass is then hand scored and cut into the mosaic pieces needed to assemble the lamp. After cutting, copper tape and wax is applied in preparation for soldering. The complete process for assembling the lamps from the patterns sketch all the way till finish can take anywhere from thirty hours to three hundred hours. The end product is a luminous piece of art that has individual character and sparkle.  These lamps are usually treasured for generations and make a great gift to a couple starting their life together!

IMG_2384(Cupids bow ready to make new love grow)

Art is Fun

Laura Keeble sculpts familiar objects using reclaimed stain glass

London based artist whose works often use unconventional materials, many with references to consumerism and the contemporary art market.


Art in the News

A great Q & A from Yayoi Kusama for the Guardian! (read here)

She’s know for her amazing mixed media contemporary art works that implement dots and bright colors heavily.


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