July Blog 2016

July Blog 2016

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The summer is finally here and in full swing! Make use of that shining sun by checking out some of the awesome lithophane porcelain we have in shop. Lithophanes are porcelain works that showcase a hidden image when raised to a light source. Traditionally they were just porcelain slabs that artisans would carve an image into. The deeper points of the carving would leave the thinnest points of porcelain in the slab and the most shallow points would have the thickest with of porcelain in the slab. When a light source would be placed behind the finished slab, the thinnest points would allow more light to shine through creating light and dark tones that rendered a picture to the viewer. The carvings would be deepest for highlights and shallowest for shadows. Eventually artisans comprised a method of porcelain molding to be able to render multiple lithophanes of one carving. They would carve a reverse image into a block of wax, and then press the porcelain slab in to the wax to imprint the image. Though multiples were able to be created, it was not a fool proof process, many were cast aside after firing due to imperfections in the image. Lithophanes were phased out of popularity due to the rise of photography, some of the most modern ones being tea sets from Japan during WWII (Just like the one we have in shop!)

(The inside one of our teacups!)

Art is Fun

Shang Chengxiang paints surreal images that take you to a psychedelic fantasy world


Born in China, this artists works of bright colors and surreal subjects invoke a sense of wonder.

Art in the News

Artists take national french fry day to a new level! (read here)


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