August Blog 2016

August Blog 2016

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Rose O’Neill had precious cherubed cupids take center stage in a dream, and through her illustration skills they graced the pages of Ladies’ Home Journal Magazine. The popularity of the drawings continued to increase allowing of the introduction of paper doll and comic strip versions. After much demand for a physical rendition of the kewpie character, Rose set out to create a doll version for her younger fans. She enlisted the help of Joseph Kallus to bring the doll to life, and his sculpture of the drawing is what the doll was modeled after. The original Kewpie Dolls were made out of porcelain bisque, and then eventually transitioned into the plastic dolls they are today. The lighthearted character and adorable features of the Kewpie established itself as a character to stand the test of time, delighting people today the same as when it was conceived. Come by and check out the hand made porcelain kewpie doll we have in the shop!


Art is Fun

The Museum of Ice Cream takes New York by storm


Taking selfies in the interactive sprinkle pool .

Art in the News

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 1.55.26 PM

Mom created wild food art that puts a big smile on your face! (read here)


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