August 2015

ELH News

Glass Art:  Form, Function and Beauty

Visit our showroom for just in one of a kind, unique glass art pieces. Beautiful orange curved vases, green Stueben Glass, Bruce Clark glass, and beautiful red, yellow, blue and black Italian tulips.

Prices start from 40.00

Art is Funny

Stone Vagina swallows scholar taking selfie!

32-Ton Marble Vagina Traps US Exchange Student

An American student waiting for firefighters to free him from Fernando de la Jara’s marble vagina sculpture, Chacán-Pi (Making Love), at Germany’s Tübingen University. Photo: Erick Guzman, via Imgur.

International Art

Sidewalk chalk art, is never just a walk across a straight line.

White River Rafting
White River Rafting

Art of this style can be produced by taking a photograph of an object or setting at a sharp angle, then putting a grid over the photo, another, elongated grid on the footpath based on a specific perspective, and reproducing exactly the contents of one into the other, one square at a time.

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